Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to offer the best touristic services possible

The Office of General Tourism DNG Travel, was founded by a select group of friends and partners and started offering travel services in May 2014. The long and successful journey of our staff in the travel industry comes to meet the requirement of the times for a better and qualitative journey. Trust our office for a mere ferry or plane ticket, but also to organize a trip halfway around the world. Our collaboration with major airlines and shipping companies as well as the best hotels in Greece and around the world, will offer your journey the detail it deserves.
Capitalizing on our extensive experience across the spectrum of tourism and providing you with high quality services, we are ready to welcome you to our hospitable premises to plan your next trip, according to your own requirements and your own schedule.We have the solutions, you have the quality and certainty of DNG Travel!

The team of DNG Travel!